International Group Insurance Products with Full Description:

Who helps you today to navigate international risk management and global benefits for expatriates, TCNs, foreign nationals and global travelers?

The 3 most important reasons to team with us for international group insurance needs are outlined below:

There is no cost to have McKinley International on "retainer" and we share advice with clients every day with no consulting fees.

If you employ expatriates and other international assignees, you never know what may cross your desk and you need a partner that can navigate ANY issue that may come your way.

Your current broker or consultant may lack international experience (99% do), and there is no conflict because we do NO U.S. domestic benefits.


If heading to Asia as an expatriate, it's extremely important to have the right international insurance package that not only works in your host country but equally well throughout the Asia region. Other programs will be necessary depending on how long the person will be residing in Asia like international health insurance Asia.

If you have expatriates in Asia or you are an individual expatriate living in Asia please call us for a free insurance review.

The Philippine national heatlh insurance program is run by an organization called PhilHealth.

Please contact McKinley International Risk Management for expatriate insurance Phillipines.

Expatriate Insurance Philippines and Asia

We work with individuals and organizations that need to provide expatriate medical insurance in the Philippines and throughout Asia for expatriate employees, travelers to Asia, and local nationals of the Philippines and throughout Asia.

Whether you are working full time in Singapore or are traveling for two weeks to Beijing, anyone traveling or working in Asia or the Philippines needs the right international medical insurance scheme. In addition to the proper expatriate health insurance for those living full time in Asia, here is a list of useful information for anyone working or traveling to Asia.

  1. An international medical insurance plan is very important for foreign nationals in Asia. You need a program that works in the host country, regionally throughout Asia, and in the home country for return visits.
  2. Foreign voluntary workers compensation is an essential insurance for expatriates from the United States working in the Philippines

More Information on National Health Insurance in the Philippines and Expatriate Insurance in the Philippines:

An organization called PhilHealth runs the Philippine national heath insurance program, which covers all employees, dependents, and pensioners.

Contractor and subcontractor companies, and the employees they provide to principal contractors on a contract basis, are required to make mandatory Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth) contributions. The contribution rate is currently 1.25% each (employer and employee) on an employee's monthly income up to PHP 30,000.

Affected employers according to Philhealth circular No. 023, s-2012, contract employees are now "compulsorily covered" under the national health insurance program effective June 2012.

Individuals hired by a contractor company to complete a job for a principal contractor company are considered to have an employer-employee relationship with the contractor company. The contractor company, not the principal contractor, is the main entity responsible for making the contributions to Philhealth on behalf of the contract employee.

Contractor and subcontractor companies, and their employees, must comply with the mandatory contribution requirement to the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth.)