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Who helps you today to navigate international risk management and global benefits for expatriates, TCNs, foreign nationals and global travelers?

The 3 most important reasons to team with us for international group insurance needs are outlined below:

There is no cost to have McKinley International on "retainer" and we share advice with clients every day with no consulting fees.

If you employ expatriates and other international assignees, you never know what may cross your desk and you need a partner that can navigate ANY issue that may come your way.

Your current broker or consultant may lack international experience (99% do), and there is no conflict because we do NO U.S. domestic benefits.

For an in depth review of these international group insurance topics, please review each of the 4 white papers below:

Hong Kong is a massive city. Expatriates moving to Hong Kong should have all insurance and service benefits in place before they arrive in Hong Kong.

This section is an in-depth discussion on expatriate insurance in Hong Kong and China.

Expatriate insurance Hong Kong; Group and Individual insurance in Hong Kong for expatriates and local nationals.

Yes, Hong Kong is now part of China but in many areas, the two systems approach is still in place. Insurance available in Hong Kong and it's regulation is different than in mainland China.

Expatriate Group Insurance in Hong Kong

Over the past 30 years, Hong Kong has been one of the most expatriate friendly jurisdictions. This means that locally, and on the ground, a variety of insurance is available to new expatriates living in Hong Kong. An expatriate from the United States for example to Hong Kong can purchase a variety of insurance "when they get there" from expatriate medical insurance to international personal property insurance.

That's not to say that this would be best practices, and one should buy every necessary expatriate insurance locally. In most situations, true global plans most of which need to be secured in the "home country" are better options. We are just pointing out that unlike 50 other popular destinations, Hong Kong has an insurance market. Countries like Vietnam, India, mainland China, Mexico, and MANY others have no insurance products locally for expatriates.

Opening an office in Hong Kong?

McKinley International Risk Management works with the Expatriate Insurance Exchange to put expatriate employee benefits packages available to companies that have expatriates in Hong Kong or are opening an office in Hong Kong with expatriates and local nationals.

A basic insurance package for expatriates in Hong Kong would include all of the following essential insurance benefits and service plans: expatriate medical insurance, dental, life insurance, disability, foreign workers compensation, and international EAP. These turnkey "ready-to-go" programs are available to groups of just 2 expatriates.

Expatriate Medical Insurance in Hong Kong 7
International Medical Evacuation in Hong Kong(with assistance) 4
Expatriate Life Insurance in Hong Kong 8
Expatriate Disability Insurance in Hong Kong 8
Cross Cultural Training in Hong Kong 8
International employee assistance program in Hong Kong 8
International Workers Compensation Insurance Hong Kong 9
Expatriate Property Insurance in Hong Kong 7
Expatriate Liability Insurance in Hong Kong 7
Kidnap and Ransom Insurance Hong Kong 5
Emergency Security Planning for Hong Kong 4
Local Admitted Coverage Needed for Expatriates in Hong Kong No
Place Hong Kong Nationals under an offshore or U.S. expat plan Perhaps **
Hong Kong based insurance works in the United States for trips Perhaps
Repatriation of Remains Hong Kong for Expatriates 8

** In Hong Kong, there is no explicit provision which prohibits an unauthorized insurance company which underwrites multinational policies from assuming Hong Kong risks. However, a company that wishes to carry on insurance business in or from Hong Kong must still be authorised underSection 8 of the Insurance Companies Ordinance (Chap. 41). Hong Kong is a jurisdiction that over time, has been the most relaxed regarding non-admitted insurance however, the Chinese influence is expected to make the restrictions more strict over time.