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Who helps you today to navigate international risk management and global benefits for expatriates, TCNs, foreign nationals and global travelers?

The 3 most important reasons to team with us for international group insurance needs are outlined below:

There is no cost to have McKinley International on "retainer" and we share advice with clients every day with no consulting fees.

If you employ expatriates and other international assignees, you never know what may cross your desk and you need a partner that can navigate ANY issue that may come your way.

Your current broker or consultant may lack international experience (99% do), and there is no conflict because we do NO U.S. domestic benefits.

For an in depth review of these international group insurance topics, please review each of the 4 white papers below:

Expatriates have been coming to Cairo for over 1,000 years. Only in the last 20 years has the healthcare in Egypt improved to where an expat would consider staying in country for a planned surgery. If you need expatriate health insurance in Egypt for one person or a group of expatriates, I hope you will contact us.

Recently kidnap and ransom insurance in Egypt has been a prime concern. Please contact us.

McKinley International Risk Management provides comprehensive insurance solutions for employers that need expatriate health insurance in Egypt and other expatriate employee benefits and property and casualty insurance in Egypt, and all of Africa.

The proper expatriate insurance in Egypt means planning ahead and not relying on U.S. health plans for expatriates.

Planning an expatriate assignment in Egypt or anywhere else in Northern Africa, we hope this information is useful. McKinley International is an international insurance broker that is always available to assist with any international insurance need for employees residing in Africa, and our consultation is without fee.

Healthcare in Egypt

Since 2000 better quality medical care is available in Egypt and healthcare in Egypt generally enjoys a good reputation for the region.

Modern hospitals and clinics are commonplace throughout the country, particularly in Cairo, and these can either be state run or privately owned hospitals. Expatriates are encouraged to contact their international health insurance provider before looking to leave the country for care. For many procedures, expatriates can find adequate treatment locally however, for larger procedure most will leave the country and return home.

Doctors are very good for the most part. Some hospitals are good. You need to check and find the best hospital around the area that you live in. Dar el Fouad in 6th of October City is supposed to be the best. Pharmacists all speak English, but because of differences in accent, it is easier to write what you require rather than vocalize it.

The exact medicines you are looking for may not be available but they will search for something with similar composition and offer it to you. Imported medicines are available but expensive. Locally made ones are available for 1/5th the cost.

Pharmacies are available on every street. But check to find one that you are comfortable with. Many doctors in Egypt are Western-trained and speak English. They generally have a high standard of medical knowledge. In fact students from many Arab countries and Africa come to study medicine at universities in Egypt. Medical facilities in Cairo, Alexandria, and Sharm El Sheikh are considered to be perfectly adequate for routine problems, but emergency services can sometimes be limited.

Expatriate health insurance for Egypt

All the major expatriate health insurance companies should have good relationships with the better quality hospitals and clinics in Egypt as will the top international air evacuation and assistance companies such as International SOS, MEDEX, On-Call, and Europe Assistance. These companies can arrange for treatment to be paid in full with the international insurance carrier working directly with the hospital in Egypt.

Security for Expatriates In Egypt

As with every country in Africa and Latin America, we propose a kidnap and ransom insurance policy and careful security planning for all Americans and corporate expatriates.

Expatriate Insurance Egypt Needs Chart (1 to 10 with 10 being a critical need) Looks at the need for expatriate insurance vs. what can be obtained in the local market or what many not even be needed for an expatriate assignment in Egypt.

Expatriate Medical Insurance in Egypt a necessity? 9
International Medical Evacuation in Egypt (with assistance) 7
Expatriate Life Insurance in Egypt 9
Expatriate Disability Insurance in Egypt 9
Cross Cultural Training in Egypt for U.S. expats 7
International EAP in Egypt for U.S. expats in Egypt 7
International Workers Compensation Insurance Egypt 9
Expatriate Property Insurance in Egypt 9
Expatriate Liability Insurance in Egypt 7
Kidnap and Ransom Insurance Egypt 8
Emergency Security Planning / Evacuation Plan 8
Local Admitted Coverage Needed for Expatriates residing in Egypt No
Place Egypt Nationals under an offshore or U.S. expat plan No
Egypt health insurance works for local nationals of Egypt in the United States No
Repatriation of Remains Egypt for Expatriates (insurance to return remains) 8