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Your current broker or consultant may lack international experience (99% do), and there is no conflict because we do NO U.S. domestic benefits.


With this many national boarders, your expatriate insurance in Poland better be portable because it has to work in Poland, the home country, and possibly all of the below!

Russia (Kaliningrad District) Lithuania
Czech Republic

If you have expatriates in Poland or anywhere in the region please call us for a free insurance review.

Expatriate Insurance Poland

McKinley International Risk Management works with individuals and organizations that need to provide medical insurance in Poland for expatriate employees, for travelers to Warsaw and other cities in Poland, and local nationals of Poland.

Public healthcare in Poland is based on legislation passed in 1974, and more recently in 1998. Medical benefits under the Polish health insurance system are available to all employees, self employed and pensioners with special schemes for police agricultureal workers and the miliatry. Employee contributions into the Polish medical plan are about 10% of earnings. Expatriate employees in Poland are advised to carry international health insurance in Poland and not be exclusively enrolled in the Polish national health and welfare plan because if they were seriously injured or ill in Poland, they essentially would be "stuck in Poland" to receive care. Expatriates living in Poland are also advised to carry medical evacuation insurance in Poland in case local care is not adequate for the condition.

The Polish Ministry of Health and Social Assistance is responsible for the general coordination of medical care, with regional and local health funds financing and operation individual health care funds.

Please contact us for a free insurance and general international risk management consultation that will design a strategy that goes beyond global health insurance based on your exact international exposures throughout Poland and the region (where people are traveling and for how long.) Did we mention this is a free service, something the international consultants will charge you over $5,000 to do.

The majority of the Polish health care system for Polish Local Nationals (not expatriates in Poland) is public and run by the government; however, there is a small private sector that has become more important since the 1990s. The public sector is financed through compulsory contributions from employees and companies. Expatriates in Poland contribute to this fund. Many employers offer membership in one of the many health insurance funds as a benefit so their employees may access the private sector's physicians, dentists and hospitals. There is an emerging trend for the private health sector to increase, as the waiting period at the clinic is often extensive.

Over 1/2 of the physicians work in both the public & private sectors. Almost all dentists work in the private sector. Most hospitals are 100% government run; there are few private hospitals though. Although technically free, one can expect to pay for food and ancillary services in public hospitals.

Primary care doctors are the gatekeepers to the medical system. Primary care physicians may be in small clinics or outpatient sections of a hospital. Very few physicians are solo practitioners. In most cases, there is no need to see a primary care physician for a referral to a medical specialist.

There are reciprocal health care agreements with several European countries. Taking out private health insurance is recommended, as it will allow you to use the private health care system.
Embassies maintain lists of private physicians who will treat expatriates.

In addition to the proper expatriate health insurance for those living full time in Poland, here some other useful information for anyone working or traveling to Poland.

Expatriates from outside the EU should obtain international medical insurance in Poland. In the case of sickness or illness in Poland from a citizen of another EU country, a person from a member EU country entitled to health care, staying temporarily in Poland, is entitled to free health care on the basis of form E 111 issued in his country, European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and in particular cases, also on the basis of a certificate.

Holder of one of these documents will receive free health services at health care providers who have concluded a relevant contract with NFZ. In case of lack of these documents patient will be obliged to cover costs of treatment by himself. The same obligation arises in case of treatment provided by a health care unit which has no contract with National Health Found.

The following hospitals and medical clinics in Warsaw have good facilities:

  • American Medical Center, Tel.: 22-622-0489
  • Medicover, Tel.: 22-622-7455
  • Damian Medical Center and Hospital, Tel.: 22-646-9999
  • British Embassy Medical Centre, Tel.: 22-628-1010
  • German Embassy Medical Centre, Tel.: 22-617-3021

Expatriate Insurance Poland Needs Chart (1 to 10 with 10 being a critical need) Looks at the need for expatriate insurance vs. what can be obtained in the local market or what many not even be needed for an expatriate assignment in Poland.

Expatriate Medical Insurance in Poland a necessity? 9
International Medical Evacuation in Poland (with assistance) 6
Expatriate Life Insurance in Poland 9
Expatriate Disability Insurance in Poland 9
Cross Cultural Training in Poland for U.S. expats 5
International EAP in Poland for U.S. expats in Poland 5
International Workers Compensation Insurance Poland 9
Expatriate Property Insurance in Poland 9
Expatriate Liability Insurance in Poland 8
Kidnap and Ransom Insurance Poland 5
Emergency Security Planning / Evacuation Plan 4
Local Admitted Coverage Needed for Expatriates residing in Poland No
Place Poland Nationals under an offshore or U.S. expat plan No
Poland health insurance works for local nationals of Poland in the United States No
Repatriation of Remains Poland for Expatriates (insurance to return remains) 6